Kevin Arseneau
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Statement: They come with words sweeter than honey

by Kevin

Mr. Speaker, I am proud to represent the people of Kent North and to sit as a member for the Green party.

These last four years of Liberal government are a write off in terms of doing politics differently. And the linguistic tensions that exist in the province today are directly connected to the inaction of this same government. The incapacity to listen to citizens and the weak leadership are the basis of many bad decisions, like that of the extramural program, the pseudo-strategy for local food, inaction on climate change, I could go on…

Tecumseh, Shawnees chief once said: “They come to us with lips smoother than oil, and words sweeter than honey, but beware of them! The venomous wasp is in there heart!”

But the wounds left by the Shale Gas agenda in Elsipogtog and in Kent-North, under a conservative government, have still not healed. Communities stood up for their rights, and I will not let them down.

While biting my tongue, I will vote for the Throne speech, but know that I am ready to work with all members of this House to advance the interests of all citizens.