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Statement: The germ of an idea of change

by David

Mr. Speaker, over the last four years I lost confidence in that government and its leadership. The political meddling in the work of the Legislature, the neglect of our health, child protection, and senior care systems, and of the poor, the firing of our Chief Medical Officer of Health and the dismantling of her office, handing extramural over to Medavie, the inaction on renewable energy, climate change, and the degradation of our forests have all left our Province worse off.

However, it was four years of Tory rule that built the house in which the Liberals have been living. I have little confidence they have changed, and recent comments, on fracking, language rights, indigenous people and climate change have only confirmed this.

Fortunately, we have a minority government, so my Green caucus will be able to drive change, working with MLAs from all parties. That’s what my constituents, and all New Brunswickers want to see.

David Coon later told media the following:
“The Throne speech, with its proposed amendments, contains the germ of an idea of change, so I will vote in favour of it.”