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Our Voting Record, 60th Legislature (1st Session)

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Our Voting Record, 60th Legislature (1st Session)

The voting records of MLAs are not tracked except for contentious votes where a member calls for a standing vote. In order to be transparent about how David, Megan and Kevin are voting we started recording their voting record on a day by day basis during the session.

✔ = supported, ❌ = did not support

Confidence Votes

Throne SpeechPC15/12/2020


#BillMLA (Party)DateDavidKevinMegan
2An Act to Amend the Climate Change ActGary Crossman (PC)18/12/2020
3An Act to Amend the Early Childhood Services ActDominic Cardy (PC)17/3/2021
4An Act to Amend the Assessment Act Ernie L. Steeves (PC)18/12/2020
5An Act to Amend the Assessment ActMary Wilson (PC)16/12/2020
6Family Law Act Hugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
7An Act Respecting the Family Law ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
8An Act to Amend the Executive Council Act Glen Savoie (PC)18/12/2020
9Gunshot and Stab Wound Mandatory Reporting ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)9/12/2020
10An Act to Amend the Coroners ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)9/12/2020
11An Act to Amend the Queen’s Counsel and Precedence ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)9/12/2020
12Construction Remedies Act Hugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
13An Act to Amend the Motor Vehicle ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
14An Act Respecting the Enduring Powers of Attorney Act and the Wills ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
15An Act to Amend the Notaries Public ActHugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
16An Act to Amend the Elections ActKeith Chiasson (L)----
17An Act to Amend the Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Sales Act Jean-Claude D'Amours (L)----
18An Act to Amend The Residential Tenancies ActDavid Coon (PVNBGP)3/6/2021
19An Act to Amend the Workers’ Compensation Act Trevor Holder (PC)17/3/2021
20An Act to Amend the Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission and Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal ActTrevor Holder (PC)17/3/2021
21An Act to Amend the Industrial Relations Act Trevor Holder (PC)18/12/2020
22An Act to Amend the Liquor Control Act Hugh J. Flemming (PC)18/12/2020
23An Act to Amend the Municipal Elections ActDaniel Allain (PC)18/12/2020
24An Act to Amend the Electricity Act Mike Holland (PC)18/12/2020
25An Act to Remove Certain Restrictive Covenants on Title to Certain Lands in The City of Saint John vested in Plazacorp Property Holdings Inc.Kathy Bockus (PC)16/12/2020
26An Act to Amend The Residential Tenancies ActRobert Gauvin (L)----
27An Act to Amend the Saint John Transit Commission Act Andrea Anderson-Mason (PC)17/3/2021
28An Act to Amend the Municipal Elections ActKeith Chiasson (L)----
29Local Food Security ActKevin Arseneau (PVNBGP)----
30Supplementary Appropriations Act 2018-2019 (1) Ernie L. Steeves (PC)16/12/2020
31Supplementary Appropriations Act 2020-2021 (1) Ernie L. Steeves (PC)16/12/2020
32An Act to Amend the Gasoline and Motive Fuel Tax ActErnie Steeves (PC)4/6/2021
33An Act to Amend the Insurance ActErnie Steeves (PC)4/6/2021
34An Act to Amend the New Brunswick Income Tax ActErnie Steeves (PC)4/6/2021
35An Act Respecting Empowering the School SystemDominic Cardy (PC)10/6/2021-
36An Act to Amend the Highway ActJill Green (PC)10/6/2021-
37An Act to Amend the Fish and Wildlife ActMike Holland (PC)4/6/2021
38An Act to Amend the Service New Brunswick ActMary Wilson (PC)5/12/2021
39An Act to Amend the Auditor General ActRob McKee (LIB)----
40An Act to Amend the Opportunities New Brunswick ActArlene Dunn (PC)5/21/2021
41An Act to Amend the Combat Sport ActTammy Scott-Wallace (PC)4/6/2021
42Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment ActGlen Savoie (PC)10/6/2021-
43An Act Respecting the Executive Council Act and the Legislative Assembly ActGlen Savoie (PC)10/6/2021-
44An Act to Amend the Public Trustee ActTed Flemming (PC)4/6/2021
45An Act Respecting Municipal General Elections in 2021Daniel Allain (PC)25/3/2021
46Life Partners in Long-Term Care ActRobert Gauvin (LIB)----
47Loan Act 2021Ernie Steeves (PC)4/6/2021
48An Act to Amend the New Brunswick Income Tax ActErnie Steeves (PC)8/6/2021-
49An Act to Amend the Limitation of Actions ActTed Flemming (PC)4/6/2021
50An Act to Amend the Gaming Control ActTed Flemming (PC)4/6/2021
51An Act Respecting Image-capturing Enforcement SystemsTed Flemming (PC)8/6/2021-
52An Act to Amend the Provincial Offences Procedure ActTed Flemming (PC)4/6/2021
53An Act Respecting the Police ActTed Flemming (PC)8/6/2021-
54An Act Respecting the Operation of the Order Relating to COVID-19 under the Emergency Measures ActTed Flemming (PC)4/6/2021
55An Act to Amend the Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Sales ActDorothy Shephard (PC)9/6/2021-
56An Act to Amend the Medical Consent of Minors ActDorothy Shephard (PC)9/6/2021-
57An Act to Amend the Regulatory Accountability and Reporting ActArlene Dunn (PC)4/6/2021
58Bee ActMargaret Johnson (PC)4/6/2021
59Appropriations Act 2021-2022Ernie Steeves (PC)11/5/2021
60Supplementary Appropriations Act 2019-2020 (1)Ernie Steeves (PC)11/5/2021
61An Act to Amend the Human Tissue Gift ActJean-Claude D'Amours (LIB)----
62An Act to Amend An Act Respecting Keystone General Insurance CompanyJeff Carr (PC)4/6/2021
63An Act to Amend the Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Sales ActJean-Claude D'Amours (LIB)10/6/2021-

*Votes for government members bills are recorded at 3rd reading. Votes for opposition private members bills are recorded at 2nd reading.