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Newsletter – Community Gatherings – Fall 2019

by Amanda Wildeman

The latest round of Community Gatherings brought out about 40 constituents to four different meetings. They expressed concerns about a variety of issues, ranging from city infrastructure, reforming municipal governance, municipal tax reform, healthcare, and public and active transportation. David Coon was joined by the four city councillors in his riding, John MacDermid, Greg Ericson, Kate Rogers and Stephen Chase.

In addition to concerns, some interesting ideas were proposed by attendees, such as a councillor at large on City Council; a municipal income tax on people who work in the city; tax incentives to preserve heritage properties; and an active transportation hub with a pedway, park and ride bus system, and bike trails.

Many people expressed concern about the lack of diversity in both city council and staff. Healthcare got lots of attention as well, which gave David an opportunity to discuss his proposal for an all-party healthcare committee to bring about much needed healthcare reform.

A more detailed report will be available soon.

Here is a list of issues that people brought up:

Sept. 19 with John MacDermid at Stepping Stone Seniors Centre

  • Abandoned Gas Station in Sunshine Gardens
  • The Future of Transit in Fredericton, Stantec Consultants Report on Transit
  • Extra Mural Nurses: Update?
  • Equal Representation on City Council and Committees
  • Heritage and history not valued in Fredericton
  • Future of cycling in Fredericton
  • Vehicle Exhaust Noise
  • Electoral Reform – City Council at large member
  • New Municipal Plan – Heritage values are reduced
  • Spending public money for large private businesses over small local ones
  • Update on Traffic Circle planned for Rookwood Ave.
  • FREX land

Sept. 21 with Greg Ericson at the Boys & Girls Club in Skyline Acres

  • Skyline Active Transportation Hub with a pedway and park-and-ride
  • Officer’s Square
  • Kimble Dr. exit
  • Invasive plant species
  • Trail maintenance
  • Essex/Canterbury pedestrian crossing
  • Provincial green initiatives
  • Red light cameras
  • Downtown pedestrian streets
  •  Bus transit
  • Out of the cold shelter
  • Doctors’ referrals to specialists, abuse in the system

Sept. 21 with Kate Rogers at St. Dunstan’s Church

  • Vaccinations
  • Kings College and Windsor St. corner
  • Traffic circles
  • Heritage preservation
  • City staff accountability
  • Need for more diversity in staff and council
  • Lack of family doctors
  • More diversity needed in politics

Sept. 26 with Stephen Chase at the Unitarian Fellowship

  • Pedestrian/Cycling Safety
  • Municipal / Provincial Tax Reform
  • Cannabis NB, public smoking of marijuana
  • City sidewalks and bus routes
  • Healthcare reform
  • Senior home care
  • Winter sidewalk clearance
  • Bus fees for seniors
  • Vaccines
  • Vaping
  • Mental Healthcare