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Motion: Proportional Representation

by Kevin

WHEREAS the 2018 New Brunswick General Election produced a minority government where the proportion of Members elected to the Legislative Assembly does not reflect the proportion of votes received by each party in the election;

WHEREAS Fair Vote Canada found that Legislatures using proportional representation are more stable, as there is no incentive for calling a quick election in order to gain a majority government;

WHEREAS the 2017 Commission on Electoral Reform recommended that the government move to a Preferential Ballot voting system and consider some form of proportional representation;

WHEREAS a recent poll determined that more than half of New Brunswickers say that the number of votes is more important the number of seats in determining who will govern New Brunswick;

WHEREAS over ninety countries currently use proportional representation, including 85% of countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development;

The Motion urges the government of New Brunswick to launch a public inquiry into how to best adopt proportional representation in New Brunswick so that the compositions of the Legislative Assembly reflects the number of votes cast.