Motion – Midwifery

Implementing the recommendations, including rolling out midwifery services across the province would have a positive impact on the health of both parents and infants.

Megan Mitton

WHEREAS New Brunswick’s neonatal intensive care and special care nursery admission rates continue to be above the national average;

WHEREAS the accessibility of midwifery services is limited in New Brunswick, hindering options for expectant parents and placing more strain on the existing healthcare system;

WHEREAS the Midwifery Demonstration Site in Fredericton has attended 271 births since its inception in October 2017, reporting extraordinary client experience of 99% satisfaction with the care they received;

WHEREAS an evaluation done by a third party on Fredericton’s Midwifery Demonstration Site in 2022 highlighted that the inclusion of midwives in perinatal care improves health outcomes and empowers expectant parents to make informed choices about their care;

WHEREAS the same evaluation on Fredericton’s Midwifery Demonstration Site calls on the government to expand the midwifery services across the province, immediately scale up the existing Fredericton clinic, begin looking at options to create spots for New Brunswickers in midwifery educational programs, and overhaul the Midwifery Act; BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Legislative Assembly urge the government to immediately implement the recommendations from the Fredericton Midwifery Demonstration Site Summary Evaluation Report, in consultation with the Midwifery Council of New Brunswick.