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Motion: Adequacy of Ambulance Services

by David

WHEREAS there was no evaluation of Medavie’s previous contract to provide ambulance services;

WHEREAS many paramedics are overworked, resulting in stress-related leaves of absence;

WHEREAS there is an ongoing shortage of 150 paramedics in New Brunswick with an additional 125 to 150 out on long term leave at any given time;

WHEREAS paramedics logged 216,000 hours of overtime, at a cost of $8 million, in 2017;

WHEREAS there were 7500 instances of ambulances being pulled off the road in 2017, a 55% increase over 2016;

WHEREAS there have been three deaths in northern New Brunswick, including two in Saint-Quentin, since August 2016 when ambulances have taken more than 20 minutes to arrive on scene;

The Motion urges the government to :

  • Launch a public enquiry into ambulance services in New Brunswick;
  • Immediately ensure that the number of ambulances per community is based on a community needs assessment;
  • Immediately ensure that the deployment of ambulances be community-based not provincial in terms of territorial coverage.