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MLA Update

by Taeyon

As I write my regular update for you, I’m thinking about the students graduating this season from our high schools, universities, community college and the School of Craft and Design. It is an exciting time for students, families and their teachers and I share their enthusiasm. I attend as many of the graduation ceremonies as I can and offer my formal congratulations from the floor of the Legislative Assembly. Good luck to the graduates as they embark on a new stage in their lives. Just remember, life doesn’t go in a straight line. In fact, the twists and turns are often what present you with unexpected and extraordinary opportunities.
This Spring I toured a number of health care facilities in the Fredericton area, and around the province. The new Addictions and Rehabilitation Centre in Campbellton is almost as impressive as its staff. I received a warm welcome. As many in our community are struggling with addictions, I wanted to see what treatment services are available.
A number of important changes have been made in Campbellton and at its sister rehab centre in Saint John. Additional beds have been added, but more importantly, gone are the days where people were sent home after just 30 days, whatever their needs. Therapy is designed to help people address the underlying trauma that led to their addiction in the first place. We need additional rehab centres like this, including one to serve the greater Fredericton region.
I also visited the midwifery centre here in Fredericton. They regularly have a long waiting list because of the tremendous pre- and post-natal care the midwives provide. The benefits for both infant and maternal health are extraordinary. A review of their work was undertaken a year ago. As a result, I hope the clinic will be expanded to handle the demand from expecting Moms, and similar clinics established throughout our province. Midwives need to become integral members of new collaborative health care teams.
I am pleased to report that the New Brunswick Housing Corporation is being reconstituted to help ensure an adequate supply of affordable housing. In its heyday, it was extremely successful at facilitating the construction of non-profit, cooperative and affordable housing. I hope this new version of NB Housing will play an equally effective and supportive role in ending our current affordable housing crisis.
One of the things I have been investigating is the increasing presence of blue-green algae in our rivers and lakes because of the warming climate, the risks this poses because of the associated neurotoxins, and what can be done about it. I hope to be able to report on this in my next MLA update.
The Legislative Assembly wraps up its work for the summer on June 14th. I encourage you to go to our caucus’ website to have a look at the work I have been doing in the Legislature over the past 4 months at https://greencaucusvert.ca/david-coon-fredericton-south/. There were a substantial number of bills governing health care, tenants, local governments, and school boards that will have implications for all New Brunswickers.
If you need my help with anything, I can be reached at the office at 506-455-0936 or email me at david.coon@gnb.ca.
Happy Summer!