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Green Party Leader Launches “The Future is Renewable” Tour

by David

Green Party Leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon is launching a provincial tour to meet with community leaders and entrepreneurs leading New Brunswick’s renewable energy transition.

“To avoid the climate catastrophe, we need to get off fossil fuels. This will take time so the transition must begin immediately,” Coon said.

“This presents New Brunswick with a tremendous opportunity to invigorate our society, energize our economy, and enlist our youth in making the change.

The tour begins today in Saint John with stops at NexGen and Saint John Energy to learn more about their renewable energy initiatives. Over the next few weeks, Mr. Coon will be travelling around the province to visit homes so efficient that the sunlight streaming through their windows is a major source of heat.

The tour will include visits to solar, wind, and hydro power installations and allow Mr. Coon to learn more about the potential for sustainable bioenergy produced by waste streams.

He will also meet with officials from the municipal power utility in Edmundston and officials from Perth-Andover, Campbellton, and Moncton to hear their plans to be more self-reliant on locally produced renewable power.

“There is no charge for the energy supplied by the sun, wind, and flowing water. Biomass from food processing and sewage waste is the fuel you’re paid to turn into bioenergy,” Coon said.

“It’s time to abandon the futile political battle over carbon taxes and get on with a collective effort to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy, and wage war against energy waste and ever-increasing energy costs.”