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Green Party Leader Calls for Complex Care Housing

by Josh O'Donnell

FREDERICTON – Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton South David Coon has tabled a motion in the Legislative Assembly that calls on the provincial government to implement a comprehensive complex-care housing program with wrap-around services, including healthcare – beyond what is currently available.

“There are at least 560 unhoused people living in New Brunswick in New Brunswick’s three major cities,” said Coon. “Providing complex care housing with wrap-around services such as mental health support, addiction treatment, employment assistance, and case management can help address the complex needs of those without housing and help prevent more New Brunswickers from experiencing homelessness.”

He went on to state that “a comprehensive and holistic approach to homelessness can significantly reduce the strain on social services, healthcare, and law enforcement while promoting community well-being.”

Coon also called on the government to set targets and measurable outcomes to gauge the success of this program, with regular reports being provided to the public.