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Green Caucus Lays Out Framework for COVID-19 Recovery in NB

by Josh O'Donnell

FREDERICTON – The Green Caucus has published a set of 9 principles to guide the path forward in New Brunswick’s recovery from COVID-19 shutdown.

“We cannot go back to what was once normal,” said David Coon, Green Party leader and MLA for Fredericton-South. “These principles will guide our assessment of government’s initiatives, and the development of our proposals to support people and help local businesses survive in the short-term and thrive in the long-term.”

The 9 principles are as follows:

  • Principle 1: Economic survival: ensure small business owners, artists and self-employed people can adapt to the new reality
  • Principle 2: Reform our democratic system for resilience and adaptability
  • Principle 3: Put the well-being of all New Brunswickers at the heart of government decision-making
  • Principle 4: Forge a path for food sovereignty
  • Principle 5: Guarantee quality and timely access to healthcare
  • Principle 6: Greater respect and improved rights for all workers
  • Principle 7: Ensure equal access to education
  • Principle 8: Create a resilient economy in a time of climate crisis
  • Principle 9: Eliminate systemic discrimination and pursue reconciliation

“The COVID-19 Pandemic has shown us how we can act collectively and rapidly to make changes in the interest of all, but it has also amplified vulnerabilities and exposed cracks in our systems,” said Coon. “We need to build back better with a clear purpose – to increase the well-being of New Brunswickers, their communities, and the living world that sustains us.”

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