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Community Gatherings, Fall 2023

by Taeyon

Fredericton South residents: get ready for the next round of Community Gatherings with your MLA David Coon and your City Councillor.
The last round of community gatherings was held in November and January of 2022-2023. Some of the issues that came up ranged from the newly proposed jail, to affordable housing and homelessness, to graffiti, to lack of family doctors. You can find a summary here.
The next round of community gatherings will no doubt address some of the new and pressing issues facing the community, city and province in 2023-2024. It’s up to you to decide what will get the attention of your elected leaders.

Mark your calendars for the next round:
Oct. 5 with Councillor Jason LeJeune
Oct. 12 with Councillor Greg Ericson
Oct. 19 with Councillor Ruth Breen
Nov. 9 with Councillor Cassandra LeBlanc