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Access to Healthcare Must Be a Right

by Jill

June 19, 2024

FREDERICTON – In light of NB Health Council data that found that 20% of New Brunswickers do not have access to a permanent primary healthcare provider and two thirds of those who do can’t get an appointment within five days, Green Party Leader David Coon says that it’s time for New Brunswick to create the legal right to a primary healthcare team for all New Brunswickers in their community.

“Clearly the initiatives taken by successive governments have not ensured New Brunswickers have a family doctor,” said Coon. “Premier Higgs promised to fix the healthcare system when he was elected in 2018, and it has crumbled even further under his watch.”

Jean Philpott, Dean of Medicine at Queen’s University, a former federal health minister, and family doctor has proposed the creation of a Canada Primary Care Act to establish a right to primary care but says there is nothing stopping provinces from doing it themselves.

“Let’s get it done,” said Coon. “A Green government will ensure everyone is cared for by a primary healthcare team in their community, and creating this as a legal right is what will ensure it gets done.”